Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chicken Rice Soup

                                                                                 Pic/Recipe by Christine It

1 whole chicken

2 tbsp Olive oil

4 vegetable cubes dissolved into 6 cups of boiled water

1 cup of uncooked rice


I put the whole chicken in a large tall pot and added water until it was about two inches below the rim of the pot. Once the water was boiling, I reduced the heat and simmered the chicken for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours until the meat pulled away from the bone. I then removed the chicken from the pot and spread it out into a shallow dish to cool and strained the broth into a large bowl. While the chicken was simmering I dissolved the vegetable cubes into 6 cups of boiled water (I used two measuring cups) and set it aside. For this soup I peeled and cut up 5 carrots, chopped up 5 ribs of celery and diced one medium sized onion--the amounts may vary depending on what I have in the fridge and if I want the soup more 'vegetabley' (I know, not a real word). In the large cleaned pot, I poured about 2 tbsp of olive oil and then on medium heat sautéed the carrots, onion and celery for about 2 to 3 minutes stirring continuously. I then added the vegetable cube broth and the strained broth of the boiled chicken and give it a little stir. I set this to simmer while I separated the meat from the bones and cut the chicken into smaller pieces for the soup. Once I had the chicken cut up I put it into the pot with the vegetable/broth mixture. At this time I did a taste test and then added some salt and parsley. My vegetable cubes have some seasonings added to them so I didn't have to add too much more. I then added in 1 cup of rice. I simmered the soup until the rice was cooked. This recipe takes awhile but it is so worth the work/wait.

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