Sunday, November 23, 2014

BBQ Hamburgers

Hubby's Burger
                                                                                           Pic by Christine It

We like big burgers, I mean BIG! I used 4 lbs of lean hamburger meat and made 12 burgers. To the ground beef I added 4 eggs, a little olive oil, salt, oregano, pepper, steak spice, mint, Italian bread crumbs, and grated one medium sized onion.  Mix well but do not over mix, as the burgers will get tough. Make into patties and BBQ. I get my son to BBQ them for me.  If you want to make extra, these freeze really well. I keep them separated with waxed paper and then put into a Ziploc freezer bag or use my food saver.

Ready for the BBQ 
                                                                                           Pic by Christine It

Burgers on the BBQ
                                                                                           Pic by Christine It

I like my burger bunless
                                                                                           Pic by Christine It

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