Saturday, January 24, 2015

FRUIT SWIRL Sour Cream COFFEE CAKE (with cherry pie filling)

Fruit Swirl Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Cherry Pie Filling
I saw this recipe a few months ago on Seasonal and Holiday Recipe Exchange and added it to my 'I want to make this list'.  Well, I finally got a chance to make it and boy am I ever glad I did.  It was fabulous! I did 'Christine It' a tiny bit because my kids don't like nuts in their cakes.  Instead of the nut/sugar/cinnamon mixture, I replaced that with a brown sugar/cinnamon mixture.  I also poured a vanilla bath on top of the cake before putting it into the oven.  (Two tbsp vanilla extract mixed with 2 tbsp water.) I didn't get a chance to dust with powdered sugar because the kids were already eating it. Oh and Cindy told me it freezes well so I doubled the recipe and made two!  :D

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