Sunday, January 25, 2015


So my dear friend Didi from Dishin with Didi had posted a recipe for Gyros awhile back that she got from her friend Birgit from Birgit's Daily Bytes.  It looked so good!  Didi also has a video on her blog to show us how to make it.  So of course it went 'on the list'! Needless to say dinner was a big hit!
As Didi suggested, I made the gyro with lamb, beef, and pork.  Also, I didn't have onion powder so I used steak spice and I used Italian bread crumbs.  I will also make sure I have enough feta to sprinkle on the gyro next time.  New family favourite right here!  D

My son's plate

I have to show you this amazing omelette I made with the leftovers.  I used some of the leftover gyro meat and I had some extra chopped up red onion, peppers, and shredded cheese from making tortilla dip.  I fried up the gyro meat, onion, and pepper in a little olive oil, poured in two whisked eggs.  Once the underside was cooked, flipped the omelette over and put some of the shredded cheese on top. So good!  :D
Gyro Omelette
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