Monday, May 4, 2015


Porky Poutine with Peppers and Onions
Porky Poutine with Peppers and Onions

Well the boys had gone to this poutine restaurant and were raving about a steak poutine they had and wanted to know if we could make something similar at home. My first thought was, what's wrong with my poutine? lol Then I saw this as an opportunity to get the boys into the kitchen (don't tell them) and said sure lets do this together. :P I also remembered that my foodie friend Jodie from The Blind Lady Cafe had posted a shredded pork poutine awhile ago and I had some pork roast leftovers. I started chopping the roast while my oldest started peeling the potatoes. We made some Club House Poutine Gravy and put it into a frying pan with the cut up roast and let it simmer. Then my youngest suggested we sauté some peppers and onions as well and we did this in another pan with a little olive oil. We fried the potatoes in our deep fryer in olive oil. I then made some extra gravy to pour over top of EVERYTHING. The end result is what you see in the picture. French fries topped with pork roast/gravy, then peppers and onions, and finally more gravy. We didn't have cheese curds (sorry Jodie!) so the boys had shredded mozzarella cheese on theirs and I had mine with no cheese. We had this with some Greek good.

Porky Poutine with Greek Salad
We have Poutine a lot around here.  Here are some more variations.  :D
Poutine with Cheese Curds

Poutine with French Fries (potatoes from our garden) and shredded Mozzarella

Poutine with White Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes and shredded Mozzarella
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