Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb Pie with Kawartha Dairy Strawberry Ice Cream
1 nine inch (deep) unbaked pie shell (I have shells, that I made from Tenderflake lard, stored in my freezer)

2 eggs
3 cups chopped rhubarb (unpeeled)
1/2 cup brown sugar plus 1 tsp, divided
1/2 cup white sugar plus 1 tsp, divided
2 tbsp flour plus 1 tsp, divided

1 tbsp butter
1 tsp lemon zest

In a small bowl, mix together 1 tsp each of the brown sugar, white sugar, and flour (to sprinkle onto the bottom pie shell). Set aside.

Beat the eggs in a large bowl.  Then add the rhubarb, brown sugar, white sugar, and flour. Mix well. Sprinkle the brown sugar/white sugar/flour mixture onto the pie shell then pour the rhubarb mixture into the pie shell.  Spread the rhubarb out evenly then place bits of the butter all over the top of the pie and sprinkle the lemon zest.  Bake in a 425 degree oven for 10 minutes then reduce the heat to 350 and bake for about 30 minutes or until golden brown.

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  1. Looks great! I don't think I've had rhubarb pie since I was little! Time to change that!

  2. This looks like a wonderful pie. I have never had rhubarb before, hopefully I will find some this summer and give this a try. xo, Catherine

    1. Thank you Catherine! This one is one of my favourites, I hope you like it. :D