About Me

Hello everyone and welcome!!

I guess the first thing I should explain would be the history of "Christine It".  My oldest son came up with this expression and it stuck.  Whenever I would want to make a recipe I would always change something about it to fit our tastes so my son would say I "Christine'd It".  Now whenever I make anything, the family knows I will "Christine It".

I am a married, stay at home mom of three that loves to cook, bake, and take pictures (mostly of what I cook and bake but I do like to take scenery/wildlife pictures as well). I started my FB page first just to be able to organize my recipes for my family and friends and to collect new recipes as well.  From there I ended up creating this blog, and signing up for twitter, and pinterest.

My recipes, for the most part, are quick and easy.  I am not a fan of complicated recipes or recipes with too many ingredients so you won't see too many of those here. Cooking can be FUN and does not have to be a chore. If you have tried any one of the recipes I have posted, I would love to hear from you!

As always, have fun and make it your own.

Happy Cooking,

Christine ♥